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We specialize in IT products repairs and services and we are your one stop resource for PC repairs, Laptop repairs, Mac repairs, Mobile phone repairs, Tablet PC repairs, game console repairs and Network installation, maintenance and support.


Computer Repair Made Simple

1. Call us or email us to tell us the problem of your PC, Laptop, Mac, Mobile phone, Tablet PC or game console. We will quote you the repair price.
Bring your PC, Laptop, Mac, Mobile phone,Tablet PC or game console to us or we can collect.                     3. We call you when the repair is done.
4. Payment is made upon collection.
5. We provide 3 months warranty on all repairs.

If we can't fix it, you don't need to pay

If we can't fix your problem, you don't need to pay under our NO FIX NO FEE policy.

Onsite repair services

We also offer a call out service and you pay NO CALL OUT charge if we can't fix your problem. Please call us to make an appointment.


Our repairs and services:

Phone 01952246588

or email: info@dh-uk.co.uk

Telford  - Shrewsbury - Wolverhampton

MON-FRI  9am-6pm